Out of Lyme with Divine 9 Adaptogen is a powerful combination of 20 herbs for Post Tick-Bite Treatment.
  • Out of Lyme is our original formula for post tick-bite treatments.
  • Divine 9 Adaptogen is an essential blend of herbs that boost the body’s natural immune system, and support the body’s ability to accommodate physical, emotional and mental stresses.
  • boosts natural Detoxification
  • supports a healthy Immune System response 
  • promotes a healthy response to Inflammation
  • helps to restore your body’s natural balance and function
  • Out of Lyme is available only in extra strength 1500 mg caplets
  • Divine 9 Adaptogen is in easy-to-swallow, 750 mg caplets 
  • This is a 2-bottle set. 
  • All orders ship from New York
Recommended for use after conventional allopathic treatments for tick bites.
For long-term treatments, we recommend rotating Out of Lyme and Out of Lyme PLUS every 2 months. Do not take Out of Lyme and Out of Lyme PLUS at the same time. 

WARNING: If taking prescription medication, check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking this product. If you notice any allergic or adverse effects immediately stop taking this item and consult your health practitioner. If pregnant or breastfeeding, don’t use this supplement.

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