Why choose SOMALATA Herbal Supplements?

QUALITY HERBS. It all starts with the right quality ingredients. Our herbs are grown specifically for us, sustainably and in remote locations, away from pollutants and other contaminants, and without pesticides or fertilizers. All our herbs are controlled, tested, and meet strict USDA Organic requirements.

EXTRACTS. We use standardized extracts, through a strictly water-based decoction process. No alcohol or chemical based solvents!

POLYHERBAL BLENDS. Individual herbs can have limited results. In our polyherbal formulations, we carefully select and combine herbs for their chemical compounds and synergistic properties. These patented combinations have better natural, balanced and long-term benefits.

NO ADDITIVES. We do not use any artificial ingredients, colorings, preservatives, or fillers. Our supplements are Vegan friendly, and we do not use artificial capsules or gel caps.

BETTER RESULTS. With natural supplements and remedies, there are no quick fixes. But with our commitment to using selected herbs, pure processes, unique blends, and only natural ingredients, Somalata creates higher-quality supplements to achieve better results!