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In 2016, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I underwent a series of radiation treatments which successfully stopped the cancer from spreading. The treatments were over, but I was still lethargic, had limited appetite, and I became very despondent and depressed. My wife found me an Ayurvedic consultant that prescribed me with Helping Hand and Superpowerful Antioxidant. Over the next few months by body increased energy, my appetite and metabolism were restored, and my mood improved too. I credit SOMALATA AYURVEDA for my recovery!  I take Stay Strong and Just for Him every day to support my immune system and prostate. 
 - William R (Brooklyn NY)  November 2016



I discovered Somalata Ayurveda after I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

I live in New York, and Lyme disease is a common problem. My normal physician prescribed me antibiotics, and after a few weeks he declared me as lyme-free. But I still had headaches, body aches, fatigue, and I started feeling depressed from not knowing what was wrong or what to do. Coincidentally I made a trip to my home town of Zagreb, and there I met with an Ayurvedic doctor. He prescribed me with a regimen of SuperPowerful Antioxidant, Goodbye Aches & Pains, and Mind Power & Stress Relief. (He also recommended that I follow them with the Helping Hand and Liver supplements).
Within a few short weeks, I back on my feet and starting to feel so much better.
I am convinced that SOMALATA saved me, and I now recommend Somalata to anyone that I meet that has experienced Lyme Disease.
- Dora T (New York). July 2016



I used to suffer from Immune Deficiency and lack of strength. I consulted an Ayurvedic doctor who prescribed SOMALATA HELPING HAND (Divine 9) and JUST FOR HIM. I have been taking these products on a regular basis for the past year, and my general health has significantly improved. My energy levels have increased and I feel a lot better. I can recommend Helping Hand and Just for Him to anyone.
- Goran B. (Honolulu, Hawaii)


I have problems with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menstrual cycle. My symptoms intensify with stress. I have been using SOMALATA Just For Her and Mind Power & Stress Relief and they helped me bring my symptoms to a minimum. I am very satisfied with the products and can highly recommend them. I used to order Somalata from Europe and I am very happy that they are now available in the US. Thanks Somalata.
- Zineta D. (Greensboro, NC)


I have been using SOMALATA products for years. Due to extremely stressful nature of my profession, I have been continuously facing health challenges. Somalata has helped me tremendously in staying healthy. I thank Somalata for all the support.
- Durda Adlesic (Zagreb, Croatia)
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia
Former Speaker of the Parliament
Former Presidents of the Croatian Social Liberal Party  


As a producer and moderator of the Croatian TV show ‘At the Edge of Science’, I have interviewed and hosted many guest specialists of ancient medical systems, including Ayurveda. Convinced of Ayurveda’s effectiveness after thousands of years of practice, I started using SOMALATA products. They proved to be safe and efficient in helping me resolve many health issues. I would highly recommend Somalata to anyone.
- Kresimir Misak (Zagreb, Croatia), Aug 2016
HRT journalist, producer, actor


I love SOMALATA products! I started using MIND POWER & STRESS RELIEF and JUST FOR HER several months ago, and these products have helped me to get through very stressful times at work and home, and even help resolve some feminine imbalances. I also like knowing that I am putting something completely natural and organic into my body. Thank you. I will be a life long customer! 
- E.S. Wright,  Virginia, Sept 2016


 Somalata helped save my life. Ten years ago I was hospitalized with Pneumonia. To make things worse, I was then diagnosed with AIDS. I stayed in the hospital for several months. Then through a friend of mine I met a doctor at Ayurveda Centar Somalata in Zagreb, and he prescribed me HELPING HAND (Divine 9) supplements. As my Immune system strengthened, he gave me other supplements: Super Powerful Antioxidant to detox my body, Breathe Easy to strengthen my lungs, and Stay Strong to keep my immune system strong. Two years ago during routine medical tests, my doctors found no signs of the HIV infection in my blood work. Today I feel great. And I continue to use Helping Hand supplements every day. Thank you Somalata.

- Z.G. (Zagreb, Croatia) November 2016